Directional Statement No. 1: Spirituality/Worldview

We, together as BVM Sisters and Associates, drawn by grace

  • into living more profoundly into the mystery of God
  • into living more consciously our interconnectedness with all of creation
  • into living more intensely our understanding of freedom
  • into living more acutely and publicly values aligned with the Gospel

commit ourselves humbly, boldly, and courageously

  • to participate and join others in profound institutional shifts transforming our congregation, church, and society toward a more just, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world for all
  • to engage and collaborate with those suffering injustices and a lack of resources for all life to flourish
  • to seek conversation with and listen deeply to people with divergent perspectives, cultures, and experiences
  • to widen our global awareness and connections

Respectfully submitted by Pat Bombard and Mary Ann Zollmann 06.23.21, RV. 06.25.21