Guns 'N Hoses Athlete & Coach Registration

Wednesday, November 27, 2024
Enterprise Center
St. Louis, MO


Athlete Information

  • The show (Wednesday November 27th at Enterprise Center) will consist of boxing matches and MMA matches. 
  • Males and females welcome. The minimum age to compete is 19.
  • You must be involved with law enforcement, firefighting or a first responder to be eligible.
  • The boxing will be a professional event – the MMA bouts will be either amateur or professional events.
  • Male boxing matches will EITHER be 3 rounds at 1 minute (with headgear) each or 4 rounds at 3 minutes (no headgear) each depending on the contest. Females will be 3 rounds at 1 minute (headgear) or 4 rounds at 2 minutes (no headgear) depending on the contest. MMA matches will be 3 rounds at 2 minutes each for amateurs and 3 rounds at 5 minutes for professionals.
  • All participants must complete registration paperwork before they can work out.  Check with the coaches at the gym you want to work out at for their official start date – typical start date is around Labor Day.
  • All participants must work out at the gyms listed above – NO EXCEPTIONS.  You may use your own coaches, but you must work out at the gyms listed below.  Working out at any other gym will automatically disqualify you from participating in Guns ‘N Hoses.
  • Training is monitored and you must attend, or you will be dropped from the eligible list.
  • Matches are made based on age, weight, and ability.
  • Provided there is an opponent all participants who work out will have an opportunity to compete to make the final show at the Enterprise Center.  
  • A session will be held to pick participants for the show at the St. Louis County Police and Fire Academy located in Wellston.  This is a mandatory event. Date TBD.
  • For training you must provide your own shorts, shoes, and uniform.  For the finals you must wear the uniform provided.  Hand wraps and mouthpieces will be provided once you start working out.
  • You must be within 10 pounds of weight of your opponent at the weigh ins or you will be disqualified.
  • Mandatory weigh-in will be Monday, November 25TH at (TBD).  If you don’t attend, you will not compete in the show. Weigh-ins start at 4:00 p.m.  If you are late, you will be disqualified.
  • Physical and blood work are mandatory and must be completed prior to weigh-ins.  We will pay for this, and you will have a scheduled time and location to get this work completed.
  • A short and neatly trimmed mustache may be worn. Mustaches shall not extend below the corners of the mouth or beyond the natural hairline of the upper lip. Extreme or exotic mustache styles (i.e. handlebar, Fu Manchu, Dali, lampshade, horseshoe, toothbrush, etc.) are prohibited.
  • Clumps of facial hair (i.e. anchor patch, Van Dyke, chin puff, Balbo, French Fork, soul patches, Mutton Chops, or other patch-style facial hair) are not permitted.
  • A modest goatee beard is permissible, provided it is neatly groomed according to the specifications in this policy, and contiguous with the mustache to not constitute a clump or patch of hair.
  • Sideburns will be neatly trimmed, and mutton chops or exotic styles are prohibited.
  • Beards are prohibited but you do not have to be clean shaven provided the jawline is visible.
  • These rules are to protect the boxers from undue residue/oil getting on the gloves and hairs getting in the eyes or adhering to the gloves during the competition. To go through the weigh-ins boxers must meet the rules stated above.
  • These rules only apply to contestants that have made the show. During training and through the box-off/sparring sessions beards and mustaches are permitted.
  • All athletes must complete paperwork and waivers, or you will not be eligible to compete.
  • All coaches must complete paperwork and waivers, or you will not be allowed in corners.
  • Failure to follow these rules will eliminate you from consideration to participate in the tournament.
  • Registration closes October 1st to compete in the 2024 Guns ‘N Hoses event.


Gym Locations

  • St. Louis City Police…..Todd Ross 314-303-2442 
  • St. Louis City Fire….. Paul Birchfield 314-985-9228
  • St. Louis County Police/Fire….. Tim Burke 314-575-3659
  • West County/Eureka….. Greg Brown 636-262-2400 / Mike Stocker 314-267-5084
  • Crestwood….. Jesse Finney 314-608-3104
  • South County/Jeffco…..Troy Cardona 314-488-8462
  • O’Fallon, MO…..Ryan Counterman 314-740-4933
  • Illinois AlphAs….. Travis Tilton 618-410-0447
  • St. Louis County….. Greg Bewig 314-402-1690
  • Other…..You must call Steve Holley at 314-495-0820 if you choose Other

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